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CLOVE: The Boss Spice Of Flavours

Cloves | Laung | Spices | Health Benefits

When I am not cooking, I am reading about it, and the other day, a few words caught my attention “in the battle royal of sweet spices, clove would win every time.”  I agree.  Laung (as we call it in Hindi) is the bossiest spice I have ever put in gingerbread. But the brash spice is so much more than baking sweet-nothings. A fairly common ingredient in Indian food, because we…

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Saffron Chia- Poha ( flattened rice) Pudding w/ Gooseberry Compote

Saffron Chia- Poha ( flattened rice) Pudding & Gooseberry Compote

How many of you love poha? Paired with a hot cup of tea, poha is easily one of my favourite comfort meal! For the longest time, I’ve eaten it only in its savoury form. But the last couple of years have seen me eat a sweeter version too, especially in summers. It is truly a light,  very refreshing and healthy breakfast/snack. And this winter ( well since last week :))…

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