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Desserts/ Snacks

Coconut Almond Rose Bliss Balls

Coconut Almond Rose Bliss Balls

Our school exams start in a couple of days. Study sessions are on full swing. With that I mean, all the notebooks, textbooks, pens are organised on the table, I am going over the notes, while the child is playing with his fidget spinner!! Periodically ( every thirty minutes) a snack is requested for, preferably in the form of chocolate/ candy bar. Well at least that I have control over.…

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Almond Milk

Almond Milk vegan, almonds, nut milk, non dairy milk, vegetarian, lactose free

I grew up drinking milk every day like all of us.  Summers brought with them chilled cold coffees, banana shakes, mango shakes, ice cream shakes.  Winter evenings were made cozy with steaming hot cups of hot chocolate, doodh chai, doodh jalebi.  My love for milk continued unabated for may years to come….till I discovered I’m lactose intolerant.  Thank god for yogurt which I can still enjoy on a daily basis…

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Ice cream

Cherry Frozen Yogurt

Cherry Frozen Yogurt summer treat healthy delicious fresh

How irresistible is this bowl of glistening, ruby red, sweet-tart cherries?  I love that pop of juice in my mouth as you bite into the fruit!  I even love the splatter of messy red juice stains on my chopping board and hands while I’m pitting cherries.  We eat them by the cartloads all the time when in season that could be because I ALWAYS purchase them by the cartloads!!  For…

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